About Philosophy.

Safety focused automation philosophy

As being partner also for all safety requirements and as being particularly sensible to operators safety, FIMI Automation is always prompt not only to support customers with the relevant safety devices and systems, but also to provide the most current know-how according to international safety standards and regulations such as comprehensive risk assessment and, if required, risk reduction plans, essential to keep the residual risk in machine construction within tolerable limits.

Risk assessment provides gradual optimization of machine safety and “proof” in case of damage. Conformity with the new machinery directive, and thus exportability and security against liability, will be granted by FIMI Automation through application of the EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061 standards. These has enabled us to introduced not only qualitative observations but also quantitative aspects, whereby “functional safety” and the “safety functions” play an important role.

Green technology focused philosophy

Nowadays energy & cost savings and green technology cannot be neglected while designing and developing a new plant as energy efficiency boosts the competitiveness of manufacturing companies enabling to reduce stress and pollution on our environment.

That’s why at FIMI Automation, high-efficiency motors and variable frequency drives have become a standard: latest drives technology used on FIMIGroup lines enables to recover kinetic energy created by motors during stopping or braking and to convert it into electricity as well as to feed it back into the power grid; this is especially effective for our applications because of frequent starts and stops and high inertia load deceleration.

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