Products.Automation Level 2

It is dedicated to collect production data coming from Customers production planning system. Given the variety of business management systems currently on the market, over the years we have developed the ability to offer different solutions for specific customer needs. Level 2 system is intended to exchange and to manage coils and production information providing the following main functions:

  • operator Receive PDI from Level 3;
  • Store PDI to be send to the finishing line;
  • Allow modification and manipulation of PDI data;
  • Input PDI in case Level 3 is not available;
  • Send the PDI data to the finishing line;
  • Store PDO from finishing line;
  • Generate PDO reports (shift, day, month);
  • Monitor alarm and record alarm status of finishing line;
  • Send PDO data to the Level 3 system;
  • Track material.

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